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Walk by Faith!

Hello beautiful creation of God!

☺ I am Savannah Hefty, 16 years old.
☺ Born again ♥
☺ Priceless
☺ Forgiven/Forgiver
☺ Church girl :)
☺ Beautiful inside and out
☺ Fear and love the Lord most
☺ History Maker
☺ Nation Transformer
☺ Royalty
☺ Conqueror
☺ Daughter and Princess of God

I love being "LOVED" and most especially I LOVE TO LOVE THOSE ''UNLOVABLE". ;) Hard task to make but "nothing is impossible" if you are living in the grace and Words of God.

Living in the Christian life is very challenging because you live in the sufferings and hardships of Jesus. But Christian life is a call to everyone, no matter who you are; no matter how rich or poor you are; no matter how famous or least you are. Still we are all equal in the eyes of God.

"We must not waste our time on looking and searching for the things here on earth but be transformed by the renewing of the mind."(Romans12:2)

--Let us seek everyday for the heavenly things; to see the unseen and DO the Impossible.

♥♥♥JESUS loves YOU and Me. And He thinks of us every second, every minute, every time, EVERYDAY! ;)

I-AM-FREE Because Jesus Paid His Life For My Freedom. I am not saying this because I am clean, strong, and perfect, because I'm not. Its just I love to tell the world how God cares for you and me. You might say that I am "crazy" because I take Jesus thing too seriously, but I am gorgeously, surely, amazingly believed that Christ took me pretty seriously when HE died for me on the Cross. :)

☺ I am a citizen of Heaven - Philippians 3:20
☺ I am born of God and the evil one can not touch me - 1 John 5:18
☺ I am confident that God will complete the good work he started in me - Philippians 1:6
☺ I am hidden with Christ in God - Colossians 3:1-4
☺ I have been established, anointed, and sealed by God - 2 Corinthians 1:21-22
☺ I have been given a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind - 2 Timothy 1:7
☺ I am God's temple - 1 Corinthians 3:16
☺ I am a branch of Jesus Christ, the true vine, and a channel of His life - John 15:5
☺ I am God's workmanship - Ephesians 2:10
☺ I may approach God with freedom & confidence - Ephesians 3:12
☺ I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me - Philippians 4:13
☺ I am God's child - John 1:12
☺ I am a friend of Jesus Christ, as His disciple - John 15:15
☺ I have been justified - Romans 5:1
☺ I am united with the Lord and I am one with Him in spirit - 1 Corinthians 6:17

The rest is still unwritten...=)
God is writing my love story!(:

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That part in The Prince of Egypt after God (as the Burning Bush) has rebuked Moses, but then His voice gets soft and he tenderly picks Moses up (literally and metaphorically) and reassures him of His presence is just…breathtaking.

And this is why this is one of my most favorite movies of all time.


Today I accomplished a goal that had always thought I would never be able to do or even be a part of. I always remember thinking about how half marathoners and even marathoners were absolutely beyond my level of achievement. But after years of running and then in this just this past year of training vigorously, doing everything that I possibly could to make this thing a reality, it happen today. Not only that but I had one of my very best friends tendingrabbits by my side running with me the entire time.

It feels so good to lay in this bed right now knowing that I put my heart and soul into that run. I feel amazing and I’m so happy that I was able to achieve this dream.

My hips hurt but I’m showered, clean, and laying in bed watching it’s always Sunny. I’m fully ready to fall asleep whenever it comes naturally 😊


Philippians is one packed book of God’s word! Chapter 2 starts off with a profound statement, a command. We are to view others as more significant than us. If we are to have the same mind as Jesus…to think and act how He would, we need to change our Point of View. So easy it is for me to…


Missions is the one thing we’re called to do here on earth that we’re not going to do in Heaven. In heaven we’re going to be worshiping and praying. Missions is one thing that is not going to be there. I want to go to New Zealand and share the name of the Lord. Basically New Zealand is a place…

I just lost one of my best friends today due to suicide.Suicide is real. Even the most happiest people can look happy on the outside but can be so depressed on the inside. This beautiful soul, Faith, committed suicide on this morning. This comes to show how beautiful, funny, etc. etc. they or even you might be, you can still go through depression and even commit suicide. Also, I think that just because a person does commit suicide does not mean their life has no value. Ever since others have found out, I’ve seen people say she doesn’t deserve to rest in peace because she took her own life. And it’s funny. Because that’s what some people say until it hits home. Until it’s someone you know and close to. Like I said before, most people don’t understand depression and suicide until it happens to them. R.I.P doll. I love you Faith. 


Hey guys. So I feel like if I’m going to be honest with you about all the amazing wonderful things God does in my life, I also have to be honest about the trials and rough times I go through. Right now I’m in a very low place. My best friend just moved across the country, my grandpa is dying of…

Born to two loving parents, I am the youngest of three kids. My loyalty to my faith is something that hasn’t instilled in me from a very early age like others. Everything within my family centers around worldly things, while I try my best to live my life according to the word of God. Lately I’ve considered myself to be blessed, knowing that I was fortunate enough to have a church family who are so devoted to my well-being and spiritual growth. I thank God every day for providing the strength and stability within my life that others weren’t lucky enough to have. I’ve always been considered a fine athlete. Being taught to know the difference between right and wrong, honesty, and fairness, I walk on the right path, trusting the moral compass instated within me to do the right thing. In a jaded world, the lines sometimes become hard to decipher but mine reflects on the lessons taught to me since I’ve been in church.


Sometimes you and God gotta do work. Usually I start with “Dear God,” but this post I had to tell Him how I really felt. It’s okay to be frustrated at God as long as you bring it to Him. Just be honest. He can take it :) And then when you realize He’s been there… Loving. Caring… For your good all along, you can be thankful and then repent for thinking you knew better than Him. Past couple days have been me upset with God and questioning Him. Today, He drew me back into Him and slapped my pride away. He absolutely was Lovingkindness. He is so good even when we think He’s not. #God #faith #love #Christian


John 12:25-26 Whoever loves his life loses if, and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. If anyone serves me, he must follow me; and where I am, there will my servant be also. If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him. || I sat in @renovationatl tonight like “I thought I died to myself 😳…” That message confirmed what I’ve already known in my heart for weeks now. When Jesus wants us, He wants all of us. I can’t even sleep tonight without further study of this, prayer, and listening to God’s voice. I think we all have to ask, in what ways have we died to ourselves to follow Christ, and what have we still not given up to follow Him completely? #devotion #nightcap #God #faith #calling


Jesus cared so much about his followers that he prayed to the Father to keep us, guard us, unify us, and to be with Him one day where he is. ❤️ “And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” ❤️Life and joy are found only in a personal relationship with God made possible through His son. #truelove #devotion #biblestudy #God #faith #christian


I feel so blessed to see what God is doing in my life. These last two weeks have been hard but you know what I’m still finding joy in everything. Jesus Thank you so much for the joy you have brought into my life. From this weird situation that I’ve somehow been immersed in, I just know that you…


When you exercise, your muscles tear and grow back stronger. 

The same thing happens when God allows pain in our lives. 

We break. And then we use our newfound strength for His glory.


It hurts to see people trying to fill their emptiness with so much stuff. No guy or girl, nothing in the media, no book or hobby, no person or thing will ever be able to satisfy you like Jesus. He’s the only one capable of filling any holes and healing any wounds you have. He’s loving on you so bad and wants your attention. We owe Him everything for what He did for us. 


Do you ever just look at someone, maybe you care a lot about them, or maybe they’re just a stranger, and you just think, you have no idea how much God loves you. You see the hurt in their eyes, the emptiness in their walk, the cross they carry, and you just know that God loves them. In that…


I am all cuddled up with God again and I feel so healthy.

I am coated in peace and the warmth of His presence where I had guilt and shame.

Still hard. And I don’t know that I have completely laid my will down, but I do understand again that God is completely good.

I never thought that I…